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The Principality of Saint Vincent is a micronation founded on the 5th of May 2014, in the Portuguese-speaking state-modeling sector, having closed its activity in 2015. In its short but intense period of life, Saint Vincent was an audacious, innovative and surprising project. Of all the achievements, it is to be the first “newborn” micronation, at the time, to be recognized by the Holy Empire of Reunion, revealing the quality of the work carried out by the micronation. However, the micronation ended its activities in 2015, but the Vincentian spirit never left its founders.

Flag of Saint Vincent

In 2021, after months of conversations between the four founders, two of them decided to recover the project, now as a derivative project. They make as believers in the imperative need to create a safe harbour in the world for all lovers of freedom, where there is no difference between foreign and national, but which recognizes only citizens with political rights and citizens with duties of friendship; where the Fundamental Law is Human Rights.

We are a micronation legally based on the Common Law, traditionalists, when tradition does not imply backtrack, and liberals, being intransigent on the sacrosanct dogma of Human Rights.

If you are interested and wish to become a Vincentian citizen, please fill in the citizenship form correctly so that the Serene Government Conseil can analyze it and grant you nationality.

If you are a foreign official and wish to communicate with the Foreign Office, Cabinet the Diplomatic Contact section of the Principality’s website and record your micronation’s information, as well as your name and contact details. The Cabinet will respond as soon as possible.